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Todas las compras incluyen:
Batería de iones de litio extraíble (en la empuñadura), cargador, hoja, tornillos de hoja, llave Allen y tarjetas de instrucciones.

  • Blade Screws

  • Allen Wrench

  • Instruction Cards

  • Removable Li-ion Battery (in-Hilt)

  • Charger

  • Blade

RGB Blades

RGB Blades

The RGB blades we sell are made from polycarbonate plastic, which provides for a bright blade, yet strong enough for lightsaber tournaments and backyard battles. The 2mm blade is a standard in the lightsaber industry for being able to handle light to moderate strikes. The 3mm blade we offer is for heavy dueling, which is best suited for lightsaber tournaments and the overly aggressive strikers. The heavy dueling blade is bright, but somewhat duller in brightness than the 2mm standard blade because of the extra 1mm of blade wall thickness.


*Standard blades are 2mm blade wall thickness, which is suitable for  light to medium dueling, cosplay, and display.

*Heavy blades are 3mm blade wall thickness, which is used for lightsaber tournaments and those heavy strikers. 

*Day Blades are 2mm standard size only currently.

*The blades are strong, but with a hard enough strike, they can break or dent the blade. 

*User beware that if you strike anything hard with the tip of the blade, it may break off. Some customers are able to salvage it, by using glue to secure the tip back onto the blade. Skilled wielders strike the middle of the blade and do not strike at the tip of the blade. Of course, practice makes habit, and habit makes consistency.

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