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All purchases include:

  • Blade Screws

  • Allen Wrench

  • Instruction Cards

  • Removable Li-ion Battery (in-Hilt)

  • Charger

  • Blade

AS V7 "What If?"

AS V7 "What If?"

***Only available in Xeno3-pixel Electronics***


The AS V7 "What If?" lightsaber features an exposed kyber crystal chamber that spins while the blade is illuminated. One of the newest features available for the lightsaber community is the spinning kyber crystal chamber. The "What If?" idea is a mash up of what if Anakin Skywalkers' lightsabers did not end up looking like the AS V6? What if this lightsaber is from a parallel universe where Anakin Skywalker did not exist and this lightsaber was wielded by another? What If...? You fill the blank with your own destiny!?


Hilt length: 12.3 inches

  • Product Specifications

    XENO3-pixel 50w pixel blade
    * Mobile App Capable (Bluetooth)
    * Accent Swings
    * Smoothswing  
    * One button configuration  
    * Programmable 16gb SD card (Ensure PC has an SD card reader or can read micro-SD card holder as its required for any font changes or adjustment) 
    * Preprogrammed customizable blade effects 
    * 11 default blade modes
    * 34 fonts preinstalled (featuring different sounds and blade effects)
     * Change the blade colors by the press of a button (Red, Green, Blue, White, and all colors in between)
    * Flash on Clash
    * Saber-Lock Sound/Light Effect
    * Volume control (No Sound, Low, High)
    * Embeded 16 fonts when SD card not inserted bluetooth firmware upgradable via app or via SD card manually
    * Tip drag
    * Blaster Block

  • Warranty Information

    1 Year Limited Warranty
    See Help & Support>Warranty for more details

  • Charging Information

    It's recommended to charge your lightsaber using only the 5V1A power cord included with your purchase, and only plugged in to a surge-protected power strip or slow-powering electronic device. The lithium-ion batteries are designed to SLOWLY charge. 

    Do not power on your lightsaber while it is charging or it will overpower the electronics and may render the battery or electronics unusable.

    Charging Time:

    Xeno3-pixel: 8-10 hours

PriceFrom $300.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
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