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All purchases include:

  • Blade Screws

  • Allen Wrench

  • Instruction Cards

  • Removable Li-ion Battery (in-Hilt)

  • Charger

  • Blade



The Scabbards are a great way to carry your lightsaber while cosplaying or for a unique display item. All Scabbards can hold a 36 inch length blade and 1 inch or 7/8 inch round blades.


There are three versions; the Scabbard, the Scabbard V2, and the Scabbard V3: 


The Scabbard is a solid tube to hold your lightsaber with no Belt Clip connectors (most of our customers create their own connector for this model, some use a flashlight belt holder, or their own unique holder to be able to connect this to their belt). We are able trim the Scabbard length to a specific size, if you are using it for a shorter length blade. Send us a message, so we can make sure we trim the length to your specifications.


The Scabbard V2 features a D-ring that allow the user to hang the Scabbard from their Belt Clip


Scabbard V3 features Aurebesh writing that says Scabbard along the side of it. The Aurebesh cutouts allow light to shine through illuminating the letters. It does not feature a D-ring to connect to your Belt Clip like the V2 (some of our customers create their own connector for this version by using a flashlight belt holder, which works really well).


Scabbards V2 and V3 have multiple windows that allows the blade effects to shine through, and we are unable to trim the length of these two Scabbards, because of their uniqueness.

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